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Digital Island casts larger net

Internet service provider Digital Island announces that it has received $4 million in additional funding to expand its global network.

Global network creator Digital Island announced that it has received $4 million in additional funding to expand its global network.

Formed in 1995, Digital Island starting deploying its worldwide network in November. The extra capital will help the company expand its service to 30 countries by year's end.

The market for fast access to the Net is in high demand by consumers who are tired of waiting for sites to download. Although the service isn't targeted at consumers, they will receive the benefit of faster connections to sites that run on Digital Island.

Digital Island, which is based in Honolulu, Hawaii, first taps into unused fiber optic cable strung across the Pacific Ocean, then establishes local points of presence, or POPs, globally.

Each link into a country will be a minimum of a T1 and up to a T3 connection.

"We can allocate bandwidth based on applications customers want to buy," Ron Higgins, president and CEO of Digital Island said today.

Digital Island is currently serves Hong Kong, Japan, France, the United States, Brazil, Australia, and Korea. The company also plans to have a local presence in over 30 additional markets.

The $4 million was invested by Vangaurd Venture Partners, Crosspoint Venture Partners, Bay Partners, HMS Investments, and Silicon Valley venture capitalist Charlie Bass, cofounder of UB Networks, Meridian Data, and P-Com.