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Digital frame doubles as a secondary display

Asus may have figured out a reason to actually purchase one.

Akihabara News

Call us eternal optimists, but perhaps companies are starting to figure out that digital photo frames are among the most use-challenged inventions of the digital age. In recent months manufacturers seem to have begun trying to add functions that might actually make them worthwhile, whether they've built in a Webcam or used them for something like the "PhotoPhone," which displays a picture of the person who's calling.

Asus too seems to understand the concept, as it has introduced a 7-inch LCD frame with a "sub-display" feature that can turn it into a secondary screen to complement the PC's main one, Akihabara News reports. It sounds like an alternative to those mutant experiments that have grafted a second screen onto desktop monitors.

The frame itself has a 800 x 480 resolution, 128MB of memory, and a USB connection. It may be slightly difficult to color-coordinate it with your existing desktop, however, as its finishes seem more appropriate for a nursery: "Blush Pink," "Sky Blue," and "Star Silver."