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Digital diving mask lets you play Navy Seal

An LCD for fish-gazing.

Oceanic Worldwide

Many of us at Crave aren't exactly the outdoorsy types, but we do our best to help exercise-enabled individuals in the interest of trying to be a full-service gadget blog. Recently, for example, we featured a tent that can keep your electronic equipment powered even while deep in the woods. And today we offer one for the seagoing geeks among us: the "DataMask HUD."

This underwater headgear, which is supposedly used by military special forces personnel, is equipped with a miniature LCD inside the mask, which provides such detailed diving info as "current depth, elapsed dive time, cylinder pressure, and dive time remaining," according to Uber-Review. It costs $1,496 but, remember, we're talking military procurement budgets here.

This is all well and good for seekers of adventure. In our case, however--if we should leave the sofa at all--we would be more likely to opt for something like the "Scuba-Doo."