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Digital City No. 42: It's a love 'n' hate (tech) thang

On this special episode of Digital City, we let our frustrations out on phones, games, consoles...essentially turning the show into the ultimate b*tchfest!

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It's a free-for-all gripe fest as we talk about our personal frustrations with the PS3, AT&T, the iPhone, and whatever else was crossing our minds at that point.

From cyberdoormen and using your baby's mama for an iPhone replacement at the AT&T store, to Scott finding pleasure in getting Julie so worked up that she accidentally drops a naughty word and Joseph's failed attempt to pit Scott and Julie against each's all on the table.

We're also holding a contest for the best Digital City desktop wallpaper creation (not a logo). The contest will be held from July 24 to August 7. Joe gave you guys a week to do this, but I think two weeks is a little more feasible. It should include all four of us--Dan, Scott, Joseph, and Julie--or Scott will have a conniption fit (love ya, man!). Caricatures, superheroes, three pimps and a 'ho, it doesn't matter as long as it's nothing too nasty or we won't be able to show it. Once you've created your masterpiece, attach and send it to us via e-mail at

The prize: Joe is giving away a copy of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince for either the Xbox 360 or the Wii (specify for which console in your e-mail).

At the close of the contest, we'll be more than happy to give all participants a shout-out on the show. The fact you participated is awesome--win or lose. There could be a runner-up prize, but don't quote me on that, I'd have to confer with the rest of the crew.

Get creative!

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