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Digital City: Episode 1

The first official Digital City broadcast, where CNET's Dan Ackerman, Julie Rivera, and Joseph Kaminski explore the impact of new technology on city life and urban environments.

Welcome to the first official episode of Digital City, our ongoing conversation about technology and urban spaces. Look for a new episode every Monday, available here at or on iTunes.
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Digital City rundown
Episode 1

How will the fiscal crisis change the way we buy tech and gadgets?
First, note that from here on 28th street in NYC, we are a mere 2.9 miles from Wall Street. That may not give us as much skin in the game as the average investment banker, but...

Note also that the big new iPod is a low-priced Nano, and that 18 out of 20 best-selling laptops on Amazon are Netbooks.

Will the financial meltdown fry video games?
Conventional wisdom is that the video game business is largely recession-proof. The notion, is that people who can't afford fancy houses or vacations can still drop $10 on a movie or $60 on a video game.

Are we going to see people lining up on the street for any big games in October?

Google adds NYC subway directions
The Metropolitan Transportation Authority and Google on Tuesday unveiled a new online service to help customers find their way around the region's buses and trains.

The free online transit service can be accessed from the MTA Web site as well as Google Maps and Google Transit sites. The site provides point-to-point public transportation information and navigation across all of New York's subway, bus, and rails systems.

OLPC laptops tested at NYC schools
The OLPX XO laptop, originally intended for use in third-world countries, may be coming to some NYC schools. The first round of low-cost laptops is going to two city elementary schools, one in the Bronx, P.S. 5, and one in the Clinton Hill section of Brooklyn, P.S. 20.

The department now has a relationship with only one computer contractor, Dell, which offers laptops that cost about $1,000.

Steve Jobs opening an Apple Store In Williamsburg?
There are reports that Apple has purchased the building that currently houses the Salvation Army on the corner of Bedford and N. 7th.