Digital City 92: Slingbox outages; high-tech subway woes; and a Nintendo-loving gorilla

On this week's show, Slingbox outages hit users around the country, we explore the two big tech industry ousters of the past week--HP's CEO and Apple's head iPhone guy--and then debate NYC's high-tech subway upgrades. Finally, we check out pics of a gorilla that got his paws on some poor zoo visitor's Nintendo DSi XL. It all makes for a busy week in the Digital City.

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This week we freak out about Slingbox outages that have hit users around the country (fortunately, the problem seems mostly solved at this point). Then, we check out the two big tech firm ousters of the past week: Apple's head iPhone guy and HP's CEO, inspiring a quick peek at HP's high-profile Envy 14 laptop.

Dan goes over some recent NYC subway nightmares, and how the MTA's high-tech makeover isn't moving very quickly; and finally, we show off some candid shots of a gorilla that got his paws on some poor zoo visitor's Nintendo DSi XL.

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