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Digital City 88: Android fanboys attack, plus the best Netbooks games and iPad man-purses

This week, we load up the new streaming PC game service OnLive and give it an impressive live on-the-air demo. Also, things nearly come to blows as the iPhone vs Evo debate continues, with sales numbers and feature lists discussed and (vigorously) debated.

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This week, the Android army comes out swinging, as we discover that Android fans have now joined the ranks of Linux/Apple/Nintendo fanboys in terms of raw enthusiasm. We also bid a fond farewell to the Microsoft Kin phones and find out why Consumer Reports says to skip the iPhone 4.

In practical news, we test PlayOn for iOS, streaming Hulu to your iPhone or iPad without the $10 per month Hulu Plus subscription; update our list of great games for Netbooks; and check out a collection of tiny man-purse bags for lugging around an iPad or Netbook.

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