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Digital City 86: Unboxing the Xbox 360 Slim, plus E3 swag giveaway

This week, we unbox a brand new Xbox 360 Slim, to show you what's inside the box package. Plus, feel like you went to the E3 video game show by winning our collection of E3 swag, including wristbands, notebooks, and all-access passes.

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The new Xbox 360 Slim (our unofficial name for it) is here, and we've got one. Watch us unbox it on the air, going over what's included in the retail package, as well as some new add-ons and accessories, with the help of our special guest, Russ Frushtick of MTV's Multiplayer video game blog.

This week's video game giveaway gets super-sized. We've got several copies of DodoGo for DSi, plus promo T-shirts up for grabs.

Even cooler (well, that's debatable)...if you missed last week's E3 video game trade show, we've got a box of swag from the show to give away--it includes actual VIP wristbands from media events; notepads; all-access passes; and more. Great for convincing your friends you're a video game insider.

If you're lazy, you can fast-forward to the end of the show for details on how to get hooked up with our prizes, or even drop by our Digital City Facebook fan page.

Bonus: See Dan live in San Francisco for a rare one-night-only appearance. It'll be Thursday, June 24, at the CNET Showcase Live event, which covers tablets and Netbooks. Get info on tickets here.

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