Digital City 80: Turning a WiFi iPad into an iPad 3G; the death of HP's Win 7 slate

This week we start by discussing the big car bomb scare in Times Square, and how in our purportedly surveillance-heavy society -- from the middle of Times Square, the "Crossroads of the World," we only have one fuzzy image of the a guy changing his shirt to go on.

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This week we start by discussing the big car bomb scare in Times Square, and how our purportedly high-tech surveillance-heavy society isn't as high-tech as TV shows like 24 would have us believe.

There's still no confirmation, but after the HP/Palm deal was announced, the first thing we heard was the Win7 version of HP's upcoming tablet is on thin ice -- we examine the clues.

The iPad 3G is the other big story of the week. Dan and Scott checked out a couple of launch events last Friday, and we'll also show you how to turn your WiFi version of the iPad into a 3G version, thanks to the MiFi portable access point.

Finally, Joey provides this week's giveaway, a copy of the Square RPG Nier. Watch the show for info on how to enter the contest (or just pop by our Facebook page).

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