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Digital City 117: It's Apple on the brain

Matthew Fitzgerald joins Julie Rivera and Scott Stein to discuss all things Apple--more specifically, the new MacBook Pros.

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While Dan is at the Game Developers Conference, and Joe is enjoying the lovely weather in Orlando with his son, Scott and Julie drag digital photography team member Matthew Fitzgerald to join us in a discussion on all things Apple.

As the new Sandy Bridge-based MacBook Pros finally emerge out of the woodwork into CNET labs and out for review, we talk about the new Thunderbolt technology. Matt sheds some light on what this means for him as a photographer, as well as how much (or little) this new tech will be embraced by the masses. It seemed like only yesterday (the much ignored) USB 3.0 was introduced. And as always, we continue to speculate on features for the iPad 2 and iPhone 5.

Meanwhile, Scott appears to be the only one in the room to have seen the Oscars. Matt and Julie had other things going on that night, respectively. That's just how we roll.

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