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Digital City 106: iPad updates; OnLive's MicroConsole; and a couple of cord cutters

This week: David Katzmaier sits in for Joey and talks about his recent adventures in cord cutting. Also, iPads get bricked, consoles get shrunk, and Black Friday deals are debated.

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TV guru David Katzmaier sits in for Joey this week, talking about his adventures in cord cutting. Like Scott, he also recently ditched his cable service for a mix of over-the-air and IPTV.

Additionally, Dan's iPad gets bricked by the iOS 4.2 update, and even our studio computer crashes, forcing an "a capella" version of the Digital City theme song.

Don't forget: You can download the show's theme song as a free MP3 here for a limited time!

Note: It's usually our video recording that ends up getting swallowed by our temperamental podcast system, but this time it's the audio version that's giving us some trouble--so stay tuned for the MP3 of this week's show.

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