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Digg Spy on Crack

Digg Spy on Crack

One of the more fascinating parts of Digg's launch party for version 3.0 was a demo of an application they're (internally) calling Digg Spy on Crack. Slated to launch sometime in July, the new app provides a real-time, ever-changing view of which stories Digg users are reading, adding, and digging.

The current version of Digg Spy allows users to keep tabs on the most recently viewed and most recently posted stories on Digg.

Digg Spy on Crack will take that functionality one step further, using graphical interfaces to physically represent users flocking to specific stories and stories being added to the site.

If the demo holds true to the real-life app, it looks like there will be plenty of Digg Spy on Crackheads come July.

Full disclosure: I play on Digg's softball team.

Photo links courtesy of Laughing Squid.