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Dig it! Grateful Dead game truckin' toward release

A social game that immerses players in Dead music, visuals, and culture is scheduled for a summer appearance. Until then, we will get by.

Curious Sense

Bust out the tie-dye and patchouli oil, buds. A Grateful Dead game is on the way.

Asheville, N.C., casual-game developer Curious Sense is designing and developing the social game with Grateful Dead Productions and Rhino Entertainment, the Warner Music Group subsidiary that's managed the iconic band's intellectual property since 2006.

The title will be geared for online and mobile play and should be out in August for an as-yet unnamed price model (don't even think of bootlegging it, man).

"We've found a great partner in Curious Sense. They are lifelong Dead Heads who have some brilliant plans to take our fans on a very cool journey," David Lemieux, legacy manager for the Grateful Dead, said in a statement. "We can't wait for everyone to check out the fun new toys we are building."

The developer hasn't detailed gameplay yet (Adam Blumenthal of Curious Sense tells CNET the company's waiting until the game's closer to completion to spill more info). It will say, however, that the title will immerse players in a Grateful Dead universe of music and visuals such as album cover art and band members' likenesses, and worlds will include spots from Dead lore like San Francisco and Giza, Egypt.

"At every turn whimsy, surprises, pranks, and miracles may be presented," the developer says on its site, not mentioning whether any of those miracles will be psychedelic in nature.

Of course, Internetizens already have lots of ideas for what sort of adventures they'd like to see in the game. A writer for the Los Angeles Times, for example, suggests challenges including "Discover Who's Selling Bunk LSD," "Save the Keyboardist From an Untimely Fate," "Predict the Set List," and "Pick the Best Version of 'Dark Star.'"

And a commenter to Rolling Stone proposes "Get Phil a liver!" and "Help Bobby escape those disco years."

If those references mean nothing to you, don't fear trouble ahead. The developer says it's aiming the game at hard-core fans and and Dead innocents alike, and it's soliciting feedback from both groups via surveys on its site. Furthering the community spirit of the endeavor, it's even asking people to upload their Grateful Dead art and photos for possible incorporation into the game. So go dig through that old VW minibus and send in some memories.

Grateful Dead in '70s
In a photo thought to be taken in the '70s, Bill Kreutzmann bangs the drums while fellow Grateful Dead band members look on. Wikimedia Commons