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Diego Rivera, Mexican muralist, gets Google doodle treatment

Diego Rivera, the artist best known for his incredible wall paintings, has been honoured in a Google doodle.

Diego Rivera, the Mexican artist best known for his incredible wall paintings, has been given the Google doodle treatment in celebration of what would be his 125th birthday.

Head over to Google today and you'll be treated to Google's own mural, painted over the walls of the Internet, portraying a tiny Rivera atop some scaffolding, beavering away on a massive fresco.

While today he's shown painting the Google logo, Rivera was known for the radical political views espoused in his artwork. An atheist and active communist, Rivera was responsible for pioneering Mexican muralism, a movement with strong political undertones.

Rivera is also remembered for his marriage to celebrated Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, best known for her self-portraits. He was 20 years older than the monobrowed genius when they married in 1929 -- they divorced 10 years later in 1939, but remarried in 1940.

Rivera's first significant mural was titled Creation, a work he painted while using a pistol to guard himself against right-wing students.

Rivera died in 1957, aged 70. Other historical greats honoured by doodles include Robert Bunsen, Pierre de Fermat, discoverer of Vitamin C Albert Szent-Gyorgyi and science-fiction legend Stanislaw Lem.

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