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Die Hard or Elf? Delta lets passengers Twitter-vote for movies

Delta Air Lines turns to the wisdom of Twitter voters to select its in-flight holiday film.


Bruce Willis stars in Die Hard.

20th Century Fox

Yippee ki yay. At least now we know where Delta Air Lines stands on the debate over whether Die Hard is a Christmas movie.

If you've booked a Delta flight for the holidays, your in-flight movie option might be determined by a Twitter poll. 

There's still time to get your vote in. Delta posted the poll on Monday and it runs for a week. Your options are Elf, Home Alone, New Year's Eve or Die Hard.

As it turns out, no one likes New Year's Eve, a 2011 romantic comedy with an overstuffed ensemble cast. Currently, the slapstick comedy of Home Alone is leading the pack, with Will Ferrell's Elf coming in second. Die Hard is sitting in third place because Twitter can't be trusted to vote for the right movie.

The winning film will be featured this December on Delta Studio, the airline's free in-flight entertainment system. Delta's previous attempts at polling passengers resulted in Hocus Pocus and The Breakfast Club earning their place on the company's flights.

The Twitter poll is as much a publicity push as anything, though it's notable that Delta leaves it up to any Twitter user who wants to vote, and not just actual passengers.

While about 10,000 voters have already participated in the poll, there is some minor grousing in the Twitter comments. "The fact Die Hard is losing to Elf and A Christmas Story is not on here is why I hate people," writes Twitter user Alan Davis.

Some people are suggesting Delta also consider National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation or A Christmas Story, but it looks like you're probably going to get Home Alone whether you like it or not.

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