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Diddit makes your 'bucket list' social

If you want to start chronicling everywhere you've been and everything you've done, a new service called Diddit will make it a little easier.

Diddit is a new site for making lists. These lists are not the kind you make for the grocery store or things you need to do at work. Instead it's places you've been, toys you had as a kid (or adult), and anything else that could be chronicled. Some might find this useless, but it's what the site does with the data you've given it that makes it so fun.

The site shares much in common with Yelp and its lists feature, and the recently launched ThisMoment. You can make your own list using activities or locations that others have already added to the database. You can also share a story about any item or activity, complete with a rating from 1 to 10.

As you begin to build up more of a profile, Diddit starts to match you up with other members who have done or enjoyed similar things. Likewise, it categorizes the things you've done to give you a bird's eye view of what you may not know you liked, as well as areas you need to fill out. All of this data will eventually culminate into a really deep recommendation tool.

At least that's the plan.

In a demo earlier this week, Paul Gauthier--the co-founder of Ludic Labs, the creator of Diddit--told me he wants to turn this into a simple way for people to get new ideas for things to do based on their existing activities. "One of the things we're going to be able to do is start harnessing it like Amazon or Netflix," he says. "Diddit will be able to say 'what you did, you'll like doing these things.' This will work once we hit a critical mass of data. Our search engine days will help us with that."

Gauthier is referring to his work at the now Yahoo-owned search software company Inktomi, of which he was a co-founder.

Here's an example list. Diddit breaks down what its members have done for each item or activity. CNET Networks

Lofty ambitions aside, when it comes to explaining how and why it's matching you up with other users the tool is not quite there yet. For instance, it doesn't tell you what things you share in common with the people it suggests as friends.

There's also no way to search through its members based on shared activities or hobbies. A dating site called Youniverse that we checked out back in June of last year did a great job at this, and made the match-ups far more engaging--even if you weren't looking for love.

Missing at launch, but in the works, is a mobile application. Gauthier says it's a clear next step considering most people have their phones with them while they're doing these activities. He wants it to be a resource that people can pull up when they're in a place they're unfamiliar with. The application would also pull double duty, letting users chronicle something they just did or saw while out and about and taking advantage of their phone's built-in camera and GPS.

Faults and all, I found Diddit to be a very enjoyable way to take stock of life and what you've done. Some users have put together truly well-thought-out lists that are a joy to go through, and the promise of future lists and items to check off makes it worth coming back to.