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James Martin

Since I took over as editor in chief of CNET News four years ago, our team has enjoyed experimenting with all kinds of original reporting and storytelling.

We've invested in longform features, taking months to report and write stories on everything from Samsung's efforts to fix its battery issues after the Note 7 fiasco to Mozilla's plans to beat back Google with its Firefox browser to what the folks in Mark Zuckerberg's hometown of Dobbs Ferry, New York, think of him and the social network he co-founded.

We've taken deep dives into topics changing the way we live and work in special reports about online hate, diversity in Silicon Valley, blockchain and accessibility, to name a few.

We reinvented CNET's Road Trip summer series, sending dozens of reporters and photographers around the world to see for themselves how tech is changing the world. In 2016, Life, Disrupted looked at the role phones, apps, video chat, fingerprint scanners and social media are playing in the global refugee crisis. In 2017, The Smartest Stuff focused on how innovators are making us, and the world we live in, smarter. We explored how ancient Sicilian towns are creating smart cities on a shoestring budget, how innovators in Rwanda are learning to make the country a health care leader in Africa and what apps the world's top birdwatchers are using to spot their prey.

And we made the move into print, with our quarterly CNET Magazine, to share stories about efforts to solve tomorrow's problems today and talk to cool people like Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman, who told us about what it's like to bring to life the most technologically advanced country in the world.  

Today, we're launching a new newsletter called "Did You See This?" Once a week, we'll highlight the original stories that our global team of reporters, editors, photojournalists and videographers have put together that we think you shouldn't miss. You can sign up here.

As always, thanks for reading. 

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