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Did the TSA gank your missing iPad?

TV sting operation reveals one security officer at the Orlando airport who couldn't resist snagging an iPad.

This TSA officer attempted to take home a passenger's iPad for "permanent screening." Video screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET

If you've ever had an iPad or laptop go missing from the airport, it may have ended up in the home of a TSA officer. ABC News caught one security officer red-handed with a stolen iPad using the "find my iPad" feature on iOS after it disappeared from the Orlando, Fla., airport.

ABC News staff was actually able to watch as the iPad moved away from the airport to the home of officer Andy Ramirez 30 miles away. Fifteen days later a camera crew showed up at Ramirez's house to confront him and attempt to reclaim the iPad.

The scene in the video below is both awkward and even more disturbing than the tale of how Steve Jobs' stolen slate wound up with a clown.

After initially denying any knowledge of the iPad, Ramirez then produces the tablet and tries to blame the whole thing on his wife.

ABC News ran cash and iPads through checked luggage at a number of airports, and also deliberately left devices at security checkpoints. All the money and devices were returned safely, except for the iPad that crossed Ramirez's path.

The officer has since been charged with theft and fired from his TSA post -- and he is not alone. According to the TSA, more than 380 TSA officers have been fired for theft between 2003 and 2012.

While I'm happy that justice has been done, how about a similar sting operation to ferret out the security officer with the closet full of all our missing socks?

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