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Did Samsung pick speed over safety with Note 7? (The 3:59, Ep. 108)

Also, does the iPhone 7 hiss? Some owners are reporting strange noises emanating from their devices.

Josh Miller/CNET

It looks like Samsung will be the tech industry's punching bag for a while longer.

Bloomberg was the latest to take a swing, reporting that Samsung's battery debacle may have been caused by its insistence on getting the Galaxy Note 7 out before the iPhone 7. The company reportedly pushed its suppliers to meet very tight deadlines, according to the report.

Apple may have a controversy brewing of its own, with some users complaining that their iPhone 7 "hisses." Someone posted a YouTube video with the claim of capturing the sound an iPhone 7 makes.

Lastly, we discuss CNET's Road Trip series, with the latest being an exclusive interview with the high-level UN official in charge of dealing with humanitarian crises. While tech is helpful, it's no "magic bullet," he said.

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Did Samsung pick speed over safety with exploding Note 7? (The 3:59, Ep. 108)


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