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Did Russian police arrest a robot?

A device called Promobot has a habit of getting in trouble, if the company's press releases are to be believed. The latest example: Politics.

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Promobot's run-in with the police.


It's a slow Friday afternoon, with not much tech news aside fromApple's iPhone 7 launch and an interesting freedom of information lawsuit.

But then, surprise! There's a headline on Facebook that a robot was detained by Russian authorities as it surveyed potential voters at a political rally.

If it sounds too good to be true, consider a few things. Off the bat, this device, called Promobot, has a suspicious name.

Next, it's a news story coming from Facebook, which has landed in hot water for promoting unproven "news" stories, such as a conspiracy theory about the September 11 terror attack right before the 15th anniversary of the attack, and a blog post claiming Megyn Kelly was fired from her job as an anchor at Fox News cable channel (she wasn't).

Finally, this robot seems to be getting in "trouble" more often these days. In June, Promobot apparently escaped its human masters and caused a traffic jam.

If you look at Promobot's video, you'll notice the police don't really seem to do much of anything, though I'll admit I don't speak Russian so maybe I missed something.

Promobot (the company) didn't respond to a request for comment and a copy of police records or additional footage.

So in the meantime, we'll just enjoy a good chuckle at the expense of an anthropomorphized robot that may or may not be involved in a marketing stunt.