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Did AT&T really just get sued for saying 'thanks'?

Citigroup is suing the wireless carrier over wording in a campaign that says thank you to customers.

Companies like AT&T should be careful how the say "thank you"; it could cost them a lawsuit.

Citigroup sued the nation's No. 2 wireless provider on Friday for using the terms "thanks" and "AT&T thanks" in a customer campaign, Reuters reported.

So what's the problem with a little thanks? Apparently, AT&T's use comes too close to Citigroup's own "thankyou" campaign to customers, including those with AT&T-branded credit cards.

Citigroup's beef centers around the thought that the similarly worded thanks will confuse customers, and also that AT&T intentionally infringed Citigroup's legal claims.

"This may come as a surprise to Citigroup, but the law does not allow one company to own the word 'thanks,'" AT&T spokesman Fletcher Cook emailed CNET in a statement. "We're going to continue to say thanks to our customers."

Citigroup declined to comment.