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Diamond earphone covers cost $9,971 more than Apple earbuds

We assumed everyone knew Apple's stock earphones are only slightly better quality than holding a speakerphone up to your ear, but nobody told the buyers at the OC Concept Store.


We assumed everyone knew that Apple's stock earphones give only slightly better sound quality than holding a speakerphone up to your ear, but nobody tipped off the buyers at the OC Concept Store, a new luxury boutique in New York selling diamond Apple headphone covers for $10,000.

Manufactured by a New York-based company called DEOS (Defining Expression of Sound), the DEOS-604-WB set polishes your low-end Apple buds with 604 diamonds that weigh 9.5 carats, or 1.9 grams of lavish excessiveness.

Someone tell those "ORGY OF THE RICH" protesters that we have their next target.

To really make it worth your money, DEOS generously offers an iPod Touch with every purchase, although for $10,000 it should come with an Apple iPad 3 and an LTE iPhone 5 with a removable battery, Flash support, and a copy of Steve Jobs' hard drive.

Seriously, if you have $10,000 to spend and really want the best headphones money can buy, check out CNET's Top Products List for a comprehensive set of our favorite earbuds and headphones in every style and category.

And with the money you have left over, you can support a worthy cause, like, I don't know, a crowdsourced musical based on "Clueless."