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Dialed In Podcast 100: That's right, we're 100!

We celebrate Dialed In's 100th episode by rounding up CTIA news, ranting about the Sidekick and wondering who would pay $1,000 for a cell phone.

Well, fancy us, it's Dialed In's 100th episode! It's taken us just over two years and countless cell phones to get here, but we've reached podcast legitimacy. This week, we round up CTIA news, rant about the Sidekick, and wonder who would pay $1,000 for a cell phone, even if it is made by Armani. And elsewhere in the podcast, Bonnie slams a cell phone, and Kent can't see the light of the Samsung Blue Earth.


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Bonnie don't play that. Josh Miller/CNET

CTIA wrap-up
Sidekick fiasco
Samsung Blue Earth sees light in Sweden
Samsung releases Armani
AT&T starts $60 unlimited GoPhone plan
Motorola Debut now on Sprint Nextel

Motorola Entice W766
Motorola Barrage
Garmin Nuvifone G60

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