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Dialed In 75: A possible Pre launch date?

On Dialed In 75, we discuss the latest cell phone news and reviews and we take your questions.

As the first half of the year draws closer to its end, we're hearing initial rumors of a Plam Pre launch date. May 17 could be the magic day, and it would fulfill Palm promise of a live device by July. We also discuss a trio of interesting models to clear the FCC, Nicole dishes on the new version of Bluetooth, and Casio steams up YouTube with a provocative video of its new phone.

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Virgin Mobile offers new plan to help ease your wallet
Bluetooth 3.0 to be official
Samsung introduces rugged phone
New Exilim Casio steams up YouTube
AT&T launches FamilyMap
Sprint releases cameraless BlackBerry Curve 8350i
HTC Touch Diamond gets repolished for Verizon Wireless
Palm, Sprint to launch Pre early as May? MetroPCS picks up Moto's Hint
Finally, a dual SIM card cell phone
Samsung Omnia HD, 3G T-Mobile Sidekick clear FCC

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Sound ID 300
Samsung Impression
National Geographic Motorola Razr V3
Samsung TwoStep SCH-r470 - purple

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