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Dialed In #200: Mimosas, battery revolutions, and the Galaxy Nexus (podcast)

What better way to celebrate our 200th episode than a deep look at one of today's hottest phones, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus? Join us as we toast to Dialed In and wade chin-deep into phone tech.

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Dialed In has reached another milestone--its 200th episode!--and that calls for a celebration, don'tcha think? We do, which is why we broke out the champagne, party hats, and noise makers.

Of course, the talk of everything cell phones takes center stage with special host Bonnie Cha (remember her? She has her own theme song.) We've got the Samsung Galaxy Nexus with its coveted Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, plus a breakthrough in battery technology that could keep your resource-hungry cell phone going for up to three days. Bonnie also throws out her wishes for a Kindle phone, since Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet is doing so well, and we bat around WebOS' viability as an Amazon OS.


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HTC Titan (AT&T)
Kyocera DuraMax (Sprint)
Motorola Admiral (Sprint)
HTC Wildfire S (U.S. Cellular)

Greetings my friends, I would like to comment on Nicole's comments of thinness. Now that I finally own an iPhone, I feel the thickness of the iPhone to be just perfect. There are many devices that are super thin, such as the iPod Touch. Certain devices will benefit from thinness, however the form factor for a cell phone should be shaped to hold in your hand during a phone call.

Smart phones in general are not limited to phone calls and as a result, are used in many other ways. As for that concept phone with a display on all sides, that would be useless in real-world use when carrying it in a protective case. I find it interesting how concept designs rarely ever make it into real world products. A really good concept I would like to see with the iPhone would be Siri interacting visually with the caller. It will be interesting for Siri to tell me that I need to get dressed for the business meeting and the clothes that I am wearing would not be suitable for the purpose. Smell recognition integrated with Siri would be awesome! Siri would respond with, "That meal sure smells good!" My farewell to the lovely Nicole Lee! Now, she can FINALLY buy whatever phone she wants! --Brian

Dialed In Team, Just recently got an iPhone 4S and used to have the Droid Incredible. I'm looking for an app that is similar in function to the Android App ColorNote. I like the fact that the notes can be made into lists and post-it notes and that they can be color coded. I also like the fact that items on the lists can be checked off, deleted and added. Any suggestions?-- PJ

Dear Ms. Dolcourt, A neat concept phone would be a scratch/sniff phone. It could come pre-loaded in market niches---fruit aromas for the preteens, chocolate and vanilla for cooks, an alcohol line for those adults who enjoy a small glass of something, etc. and of course, after market refills would be available from your local carrier store. (Thank you for this opportunity to have fun with the absurd. Your biggest fan--Mom.)