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Dialed In 199: We'll miss you, Nicole (podcast)

It's a bittersweet day for CNET cell phone reviews: Nicole's last podcast as a CNET host. Still, we soldier on to tackle the enormous HTC Rezound with Beats headphones, and all the great phone news of the week.

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It's a sad day in the Dialed In studio, with our beloved Nicole announcing that she's leaving us to break new ground over at TWiT. Our hearts will go on, Celine Dione style, so make sure you watch to the end for our special tribute and two surprise guests. It also turns out, Stephen's quite the speechmaker.

But before then, Nicole and I break down the news of the week, including our take on the HTC Rezound, a Verizon super phone, a wacky phone concept, and our take on if you should wait to buy a 4G LTE phone if you're not yet in an LTE area.

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Nicole Lee
Nicole reacts to Stephen's awesome video tribute. Jessica Dolcourt/CNET


Does HTC have the beat?: HTC Rezound with Beats by Dr. Dre

More wafer-thin phones are on their way

Crazy phone concepts: Nokia's all-touch, multifaceted Gem; Collaboration with a mobile pico projector

Headline hits
Amazon Kindle Fire review
Sprint locking down iPhone 4S SIMs
Sprint unveils low-cost mobile broadband plans
RIM's BBX phones may abandon classic Bold look
HTC reportedly launching quad-core tablet in February
A Nokia, Windows Phone 7, and AT&T threesome for CES?
T-Mobile may be part of Google Music launch

HTC Vivid (AT&T)
Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket (AT&T)

Reader e-mail
"Howdy, Do you think there will be news on a sequel to the Samsung Sidekick 4G anytime soon? Perhaps at CES?"--Jerry

"Dear DialedIn, I currently own an iPhone4, but I desperately want a physical keyboard. I read that the Blackberry 9370 (new curve) should be coming to Verizon soon. My only holdout is Navigation. Can you confirm if there is a release date for the 9370 on Verizon, and what the Navigation options are for Blackberry?" --Steven

"I own a Motorola Android 2 global. I do not need constant access to email or web anymore and would like to save the $30 monthly charge from Verizon. Can I do the following? 1. Buy a cheap text/voice phone with no data charge for my Verizon account; 2. Disable but continue to use the Motorola Android 2 global on WIFI to check email, surf, etc." --Bill