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Dialed In #197: Zombie phones returned from the dead

A cell phone-maker that's fighting for its life, an Android smartphone with killer value, and zombie OSes that rise from the dead!

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This is one thriller of a show you can't miss! Stephen sets the mood with some intros that will make you scream, we consider what it takes to bring Nokia back from the dead, and if RIM and Web OS have a chance at reversing their own decrepitude. Plus: a look at two Android phones with killer value, and Nicole shows off her pre-Halloween spirit as a pirate zombie vampire. Frightful!


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Do Nokia's Lumia Windows Phones have what it takes?
Last week, Nicole and I both checked out the Lumia phones, and oh boy, these are interesting handsets, to say the least. But Nokia will have to work harder to win the U.S.
Nokia Lumia 800 hands on: Unibody wonder
Nokia Lumia 710 hands on: Color Windows Phone personality
Can Nokia's line save Windows Phone?
Nokia Lumia Windows Phone roundup

AT&T joins the 4G LTE party
AT&T finally gets its first LTE phones lined up. Now let's see how they refer to the HSPA+ "4G" network going forward.
Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket, HTC Vivid to be AT&T's first LTE phones

Yet another chance for WebOS?
HP's PC business is boomeranging back to the company. That could signal a willingness to take another look at WebOS as well.
Could HP bring WebOS back?

RIM: An honest look in the mirror?
A leaked image and videos (that no longer exist online) hint at RIM's new device direction.
Leaked BlackBerry videos promise big changes
BlackBerry BBX OS: What it really is
RIM promo: Buy two Playbooks, get one free

Quick hits
HTC Radar 4G headed to T-Mobile
HTC Android phones to get 5GB dropbox storage
HTC profit soars on 13.2 million handset shipments
Samsung overtakes Apple to win smartphone crown
Big smartphone sales can't lift overall Samsung profits
Sprint reportedly near new deal with Clearwire
Judge to SF: Back off on cell phone radiation warning

Motorola Atrix 2 (AT&T)
HTC Evo Design 4G (Sprint)
Samsung Transform Ultra (Boost Mobile)
RIM BlackBerry Curve 9360 (T-Mobile)

E-mail! (somewhat abridged)
Hi Dialed In team! I need some hand holding - I currently have a Samsung Jack and love it - but it is getting battered and I am thinking seriously of getting a smarter phone--one where I can consolidate my Tom Tom, Zune, and phone. I do like the direction Microsoft has taken with their phone OS and I do crave an integrated calendar solution and am starting to want a better camera. From what the Dialed In team has said of the Focus, this sounds like the phone for me. Until the fantastic videos of the new Nokias came out... What do you think--just put on my big boy pants and wait til you guys and gals do another great review and then decide between the two or is there a clear choice in your opinion.
Tony in Napa, CA

Nokia World was a disappointing because it took them 8 months to do the same smartphone as Nokia N9 and nothing new. One thing did catch my interest is the specification of the Nokia Lumia unlocked. The network support frequency GSM quad band 850/900/1800/1900 & cdma 850/900/1900/2100 bands. Does this mean that unlocked Nokia Lumia 800/710 works on any USA & world carrier? How about all cdma & gsm network carrier like sprint/verizon & att/tmobile? Will this be for sale in USA or have the option of unlocked similar version? How much will it change when USA carrier sell & complete limit it?
Sherman from Oakland, CA.

Talk back: Zombia phones
Which cell phones do you think need a permanent stake through the heart, or which deserve a second shot at life? E-mail us or call us, and we'll read our favorite answer or answers out loud on next Monday's podcast.
Voicemail: 1-866-402-2638