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Dialed In 190: As the lawsuits turn (podcast)

Another week, another lawsuit. CNET News reporter Roger Cheng joins us to talk about the latest lawsuit from HTC and Sprint. Plus, the Droid Bionic lives! Was it worth the wait? Find out in this week's Dialed In podcast.

Compared with the past few weeks, this seems like a relatively slow news week, but there's still plenty going on in the mobile world. The AT&T and T-Mobile saga continues with a new lawsuit from Sprint, and a court date between the Department of Justice and AT&T. HTC is fighting back and suing Apple (anyone else need a chart to keep track of all these lawsuits?) with patents it received from Google, but perhaps most important of all, the Motorola Droid Bionic is real and it's finally out. Get our final verdict on the Android superphone and the rest of this week's news and reviews on episode 190 of Dialed In.

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