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Dialed In #189: AT&T merger under fire

We ponder what happens to T-Mobile customers if the merger doesn't go through, critique the latest batch of Windows phones, and relive Apple's prototype insecurity with its iPhones.

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Jessica's back from vacation just in time to catch a busy week of mobile news that includes nothing less than a merger under fire, a new batch of Windows phones, and a deja vu moment with a lost Apple's prototype, that CNET learned about first. Plus, it turns out that Bonnie's got a theme song full of butterflies and happiness. Stick around to see what it is.


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AT&T/T-Mobile Merger trouble
Justice Dept. to block AT&T's deal
What DOJ's decision means for AT&T-T-Mobile merger (FAQ)
T-Mobile sans AT&T faces big 4G gap

Phones and carriers
Samsung Galaxy S II to shine at Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile this fall
Samsung Galaxy Note: Big phone or tiny tablet?
HTC prepping Sensation Special Edition with Beats technology (exclusive)
HTC Titan, Radar to serve up Windows Phone Mango this fall
How HTC's new Windows 'Mango' phones stack up
Sprint raises ETF to $350; a sign of new devices?
Sprint to increase upgrade fees to $36

Apple deja vu
Apple loses another unreleased iPhone (exclusive)
Suspects in iPhone prototype case plead not guilty

Quick hits
Sprint special October event could reveal 4G plans
Sony Ericsson unveils Xperia Arc S


LG Revere (Verizon Wireless)
BlackBerry Bold 9900 (T-Mobile)
Samsung Admire (MetroPCS)
Jawbone Icon HD + The Nerd


"Hi. I live in upper Michigan and I have the I phone 4 with AT&T. In my area I have the edge data network and it is unusable at best. I was just looking for a better option next summer when my contract ends. Is verizon better or should I get a Walmart phone? Thanks, love the show. Brian"