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Dialed In 188: Where Bonnie is a fandroid

The not-so-slow month of August continues as Dialed In takes on the latest tech news bombshell, the resignation of Steve Jobs as Apple CEO.

The lazy days of summer these are not. Just as soon we got past the Googorola news and HP's unfortunate dismissal of WebOS, we heard the bombshell that Steve Jobs was resigning his post as Apple CEO.

Though all that news does make for a few hectic days, it also means that we have a lot to discuss on Dialed In. Indeed, today's show was a lively one with not only all of the above, but also a steady stream of Android, Windows Phone 7, and BlackBerry tidbits. And if that's not enough, we even get around to talking about a couple of basic phones that do little more than (gasp) make calls.

Jessica is still on vacation, but Roger Cheng joined us from CNET News. Optimus Prime didn't stand in for him this week, but a broken camera in New York meant that a one-armed Android figure made of Lego had to play the part of Bonnie.

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