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Dialed In 180: Happy birthday, iPhone!

This week, the Dialed In crew wishes the iPhone a happy fourth birthday, pitches Microsoft on five ways to improve, forecasts the first Nokia-made Microsoft phones, and considers HTC's socially aware Android smartphone.

It was four years ago today that Kent slaved late into the night to review the first-ever iPhone. (He still remembers it with grueling clarity.)

Fast-forwarding to today, Poor Bonnie no longer has a phone named in her honor, as HTC and AT&T rebrand the Facebook-centric ChaCha as the HTC Status. This week, we also take up Windows Phone 7.5, pitching Microsoft on five weak spots it needs to improve before its mobile platform can really succeed. We then ponder Stephen Elop's judgment slip in quickly telling journalists not to film what could end up being Nokia's first Windows Phone. On that note, we have a few opinions of our own about Nokia's strengths and weaknesses in this area.

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"I'm on AT&T and would really really like to have a nice high-ish end smartphone...but I can't really afford a data plan. Is it possible to negotiate or talk to the sales reps in the stores and see if I could get a smartphone without a data plan? I haven't had time to go into the store to see for myself. But have you ever heard of this being done? Or will they even let you do that?" --Jonah

"I am eligible for an upgrade on the Sprint network this coming moth. I was wondering which phone is the best out of the HTC Arrive, HTC Evo 3D, and Motorola Photon? Which phone do you guys like the best after handling each of these? Also will all three of these phones receive updates for years to come? Thanks!" --Austin