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Dialed In 178: Nicole is awesome (podcast)

Motorola and Sprint are new BFFs. Merger or no merger, T-Mobile's going full steam ahead, and so is U.S. Cellular. Also, Nicole is awesome. All this on Dialed In episode 178. Listen. Now. Please?

Nicole is out today, but we hope she doesn't mind us talking about her, especially since we all agree that she's awesome. Also, is Jessica a closet dodgeball player? But I digress. On this week's podcast, we talk about Sprint and Motorola's renewed partnership and offer some first impressions about their new smartphones. U.S. Cellular wants you to know that it has got some big plans too, as the carrier announces the rest of its lineup for 2011. Also, get the latest news on the AT&T-T-Mobile merger and much more, all on this episode of Dialed In.

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