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Dialed In 177: Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's iOS we go

It's a big week in tech land as Apple's annual Worldwide Developer's Conference takes place in San Francisco. We don't have a new iPhone, but we do have iOS 5.

Apple fans got their annual dose of goodness this week with the company's 2011 Worldwide Developer's Conference taking place just down the street in San Francisco. We didn't get a new iPhone this time--or even a hint of when the next hardware will come--but everyone's favorite fruit company did offer a preview of its latest mobile operating system, iOS 5. This time around the update was pretty incremental, but we got some important updates such as a better notifications system and wireless software updates. Also in the podcast, Nokia's CEO defends the switch to Windows Phone 7, Moto's CEO slams poor Andorid apps, Nicole has a call to arms for NFC service, and we have a "one more thing" of our own.

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