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Dialed In 122: Microsoft gets social (podcast)

CNET's cell phone editors finally get a chance to sit down and reflect on this week's announcements from Apple and Microsoft. Did we get everything we wanted from iPhone OS 4? And just who is the Kin One and Two for? We try to answer these questions and more on this week's episode of Dialed In.

It's been a busy week, thanks to Apple and Microsoft. First, we raced down to Cupertino, Calif., to watch Apple CEO Steve Jobs preview iPhone OS 4, and then we zipped back up to San Francisco to catch Microsoft as it took the wraps off Project Pink and unveiled the Kin One and Kin Two. Of course, after all that, we had more questions than answers, so we try to tackle some of those issues in this week's episode of Dialed In. Plus, we take a look at the latest rumors and reviews and give Kent a warm send-off as he goes on a well-deserved break.

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Rumors of the week
T-Mobile MyTouch Slide
Motorola Twist with Android 2.1 due in June

A first pass at iPhone OS 4
What we didn't get from iPhone OS 4
Microsoft launches Kin phones
Hands-on with the Kin One and Two
Just who will love the Kins?
The 411 on the Microsoft Kin (FAQ)
Sony Ericsson puts own spin on social media phones
Nokia intros trio of affordable messaging phones
Verizon teases HTC Incredible, coming April 29
What I want from the Evo 4G

LG Cosmos
LG Wine II
HTC Legend (unlocked)

Upcoming reviews
Pantech Link
HTC Tattoo