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Dialed In 118: iPhone wishes and disses (podcast)

On this week's Dialed In, we dish about what we'd like to see in the iPhone 4G and 10 ways Android beats the iPhone right now.

This week we are sans Nicole, but for a very good reason: She became an official U.S. citizen today! Frankly, there hasn't been a ton of cell phone news over the past few days, but we know it's just the calm before the storm. The storm being CTIA Spring 2010. Still, Kent, Jason, and I find plenty to talk about, including our wishes for the iPhone 4G and ways Android beats the iPhone right now. Plus, we take a tour of Sony Ericsson's new user experience platform and try to answer more of your Windows Phone 7 Series questions. You can find it all here on Dialed In Episode 118.

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