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Dialed In 116: MWC 2010 postmortem (podcast)

Mobile World Congress 2010 is finally over and we're all back together again to reflect on the show's announcements. Plus, Sprint WiMax devices are coming but not as soon as you might think. All this and more on this week's Dialed In podcast.

Our little Dialed In family is back together once again. After enduring some technical difficulties and travel nightmares, Kent and I are back from Barcelona, Spain, to join Nicole in the studio where we reflect on all the news from Mobile World Congress 2010. If there's one takeaway from the show, it's that software will play a primary role in this year's smartphones, while hardware will take a backseat. In other news, AT&T is finally getting its first Android phone and Sprint's WiMax devices are coming--but not as early as some say. All this plus the latest cell phone reviews on this week's episode of Dialed In.

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