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Dialed In 112: iPad, schmiPad (podcast)

Though it may seem like it sometimes, the world doesn't stop spinning when Apple makes a new product announcement. On this week's Dialed In, we recap some of the latest cell phone and smartphone news and OK, maybe we talk about the iPad a little bit, too.

Apparently, there was something called the Apple iPad announced today. We're not really sure what all the hubbub is about, but we share a few thoughts on the device and take a couple of jabs at its unfortunate name. Also, though there was no mention of iPhone 4.0, there was plenty of other cell phone and smartphone news. The FCC goes after Google and the carriers about their ETFs; Motorola teases a new handset that will be revealed during the Super Bowl; and Microsoft begins its push for Windows Mobile 7. All this and more on this week's information-packed episode of Dialed In.


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Apple unveils the iPad
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T-Mobile endorses DoubleTwist for Android handsets
FCC asks Google, carriers about termination fees
Nokia takes on Google with free navigation app
Nokia announces 16GB X6
Microsoft eyes clean break with Windows Mobile 7
Clearest evidence yet of a Zune phone
Sony Ericsson's slim, multimedia Vivaz
Alltel picks up BlackBerry Curve 8530

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