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Dialed In 111: Bonnie's on assignment (podcast)

Bonnie heads off at a Nokia event while Kent, Nicole and Jason talk about glamor phones and the Nexus One.

Other than "stop the presses!" the next best thing a journalist can say is that a colleague is "on assignment." It sounds so mysterious and important and I was glad to be able to say it this week about Bonnie. Ms. Cha had to miss Dialed In this week because she's off to a Nokia press event in New York City. We don't know exactly what will happen, but Ovi should take front and center.

Without Bonnie and Skype Nicole, Jason and I managed to hold down the fort with talk of bling-worthy phones, Zune phone rumors and complaints about the Nexus One. Nicole also got to try a new Bluetooth headset, Kent offers the scoop on Spaniards and voice mail and Jason wonders what business Versace has making cell phones.

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