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Dial-that-tune comes to U.S.

Can't recognize the song? AT&T Wireless gives phones music recognition power. Just dial a few digits and hold the cell phone close to the speaker.

AT&T Wireless cell phones can now be used to identify music that someone's listening to. The Redmond, Wash.-based provider on Thursday launched a service in which subscribers dial #ID, hold their cell phone close to a speaker for 15 seconds, and then a song's title and recording artist is sent via short text message to their phone. The "name that tune" service is the first in the United States, AT&T Wireless said.

San Francisco-based Musicphone and U.K.-based Shazam Entertainment are jointly providing the AT&T Wireless service. It's free of charge for now, but in the future AT&T plans to charge 99 cents for each use, the company said.