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Diablo III mahjong is now a thing

Blizzard's new merch merges a legend of board gaming with a legend of online gaming.


Mahjong: an incredible complex board game where players overcome opponents with a mix of luck, skill and, thanks to Blizzard's latest merch, the power of Nephalem.

The Chinese board game is now available with a Diablo 3 theme thanks to a new set released by gaming giant Blizzard.

The $300 set (AU$400, £240), based on 2014's Reaper of Souls expansion, comes with a mahjong box, a blank tile, 800 chips, six dice, 144 mahjong tiles, a table covering, four rulers and a directional marker. The whole set weighs a whopping 24 lbs (11 kilograms). The box itself and various internals are very Diablo-esque, featuring the game's colourful cast of characters as well as famous artifacts like the Black Soulstone.

It's not the first mahjong set Blizzard has released, with the company also making a World of Warcraft set. These sets are designed with China in mind, a market that has become increasingly important to the company. The financial success of the recent "Warcraft" movie was mainly due to the Chinese market, where it made $220 million -- more than half of the total $433 million the flick made globally.

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