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Diablo III looks ready to rock the living room

Check out the first fierce footage of Diablo III for PlayStation 3 (and the likely PlayStation 4). Plus, there's an indication that other consoles may get the game at some point.

Local four player Diablo 3 could be a lot of fun. Activision Blizzard

The PlayStation version of Diablo III appears ready to hack 'n' slash its way into living rooms.

Game maker Blizzard Entertainment showed off a new trailer and let gamers play the game at the PAX East conference taking place in Boston this weekend. While there's nothing too surprising about the footage shown, it's clear there are a few tweaks here and there to make things easier and faster for someone using a Dualshock controller.

Blizzard didn't comment or show off any footage of Diablo 3 for PlayStation 4, nor did it reveal the release date for the PS3 version. Interestingly, a company representative at the expo told Penny Arcade Report that the game isn't a PlayStation exclusive, but kept mum on an official announcement. Could Diablo III be in the works for the Xbox 360 and/or Wii U?

A DualShock controller will likely be a natural fit for fighting in Diablo III. Activision Blizzard
An example of the equipment interface as seen on the PlayStation 3 version of Diablo III. Activision Blizzard

Aside from a few layout changes, Blizzard's transitioned version of the roleplaying game actually differs more than you would expect. If you weren't aware, unlike the PC/Mac version, the PS3 version can play online and offline, but here's the kicker: there's no auction house. However, the redeeming feature, at least for some people, could be the support for up to four players offline -- with support for four player groups online, too.

The PS3 version of the game comes packaged with the latest upgrades given to PC/Mac players, including the Paragon levels, brawling (player versus player), and other bells and whistles.