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Dexim releases iPhone-controlled Monster Truck

Dexim has launched a new line of iOS-controlled vehicles. Check out the first model.

Dexim's AppSpeed iOS-controlled Monster Truck costs $69.99. Dexim

You know the saying, there's an app for that. Well, now there's an app to wirelessly control a mini Monster Truck.

Yes, Dexim has developed a new line of AppSpeed iOS-controlled vehicles, with the $69.99 Monster Truck now available as the first vehicle. The AppSpeed Monster Truck comes with an RF adapter for your iOS devices (it's compatible with all recent iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch models) and then you download the free AppSpeed app and you're good to go.

As with some iOS games, you actually have two control options. You can go with the standard touch sensor method or use your iOS device's built-in gyroscope to steer. Apparently, there's also three presets that allow you to zigzag, spin, or dance your vehicle to music. Future updates to the app could potentially include new presets, including ones designed to even more thoroughly taunt your pet cat or dog or any toddlers in your household.

As for battery life, the truck charges via USB and comes with a quick-charge battery pack (three AAA batteries sold separately) for those times when you're not near a computer or wall outlet. It charges in 10-15 minutes and you get 10-15 minutes of operation.

We'll let you know how well it works when we get our hands on a review sample.