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Device turns printer into scanner

Canon releases a new device that turns a printer into a scanner.

Canon has released a new device that turns a printer into a scanner.

The Canon Color Image Scanner Cartridge is a matchbook-sized scanning head that replaces the printer cartridge in Canon's BJC-4304 Photo Bubble Jet Printer, allowing users to scan documents and photos using the printer.

The $99 cartridge requires no additional cabling; users simply remove the ink cartridge from the printer and insert the scanner. The printer then handles all communication with the computer.

The scanner features 24-bit color and 360-dots-per-inch resolution. Driver software, as well as a basic scanning program, is provided with the Color Image Scanner Cartridge. The Color Image Scanner Cartridge is expected to ship by the end of July.

The unit's low price, simple installation, and smaller size should appeal to small-office and home customers looking for basic scanning capabilities.