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Developers only: New FireWire SDK available

Developers only: New FireWire SDK available

Apple has posted a new FireWire SDK for Mac OS X, updated for 10.1. Here is an overview:

    "This SDK includes a test package of updates for certain bugs in 10.1. We may release this update to customers very soon, so we would welcome any feedback about new problems caused by this update (if any). Please see the instructions inside the SDK for more details. It is important to keep in mind that we are most concerned about problems that customers would immediately face, such as a device that stops working after the update is applied. Problems that affect development or future devices can be addressed in a second update, though of course we will try to solve them as quickly as possible too.

    The main issue addressed is to use quadlet reads for all config ROMs, and

    In order to get this SDK out quickly, there are a few rough edges. Though it is explained in the readme, I would like to stress the importance of deleting the file /System/Library/Extensions.mkext after installing any of our packages (including the 10.1 restore package). The SDK does not clearly mention that you must also delete this file after you change any extensions, such as if you rearrange the extensions to try the SBP-2 sample code. Many bad things can happen if you forget to delete this file. There are more details in the SDK."