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Developers, Microsoft and responsibility

A reader writes that it is because developers allowed themselves to become Microsoft slaves that the software giant has so much power to wield.


Developers, Microsoft and responsibility

In response to the Nov. 8 column by Dave Winer, "What's the deal with Microsoft?":

It is fitting that you now protest against the increasing power Microsoft has accumulated and is now wielding. Since the U.S. government has succumbed to the hegemony imposed by Bill Gates, further infringements on our rights and privacy will only increase.

I find it amusing that you now seem shocked that the situation is as it is today. It is precisely because developers allowed themselves to become Microsoft slaves that we are in this dire situation.

Developers, I invite you to increase your work with Apple and the open-source community. Apple may have betrayed you and neglected your contributions in scripting software, but it is far less than the ultimate betrayal that you and all people will soon face for trusting Microsoft. Far from perfect, the non-Windows world remains our best hope of maintaining a world where privacy is not at the whim of Gates and Microsoft.

Neema Aghamohammadi
Los Angeles