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Developers merge on IntraChange

Maximum Information tests a Web management system to be run within organizations.

Maximum Information announced today that it is testing IntraChange, a Web management system that can be run within companies and organizations.

Company officials say IntraChange creates a collaborative environment for contributors, developers, and administrators to create and manage multiple Web sites internally.

The tool provides its core capabilities through a middleware technology called the IntraChange Hub. The Hub provides a views-based content management system; Web-centric versioning, archiving, and reporting; a cross-platform, multi-server publishing system; distributed administration and hierarchical security; and transparent tools integration and programming.

Attached to the Hub is a Data Warehouse that stores all original documents and applications that are ultimately published on live Web sites. The Warehouse uses SQL database servers to store information. IntraChange supports local and remote publishing.

Information on pricing and availability is not yet available.