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Details of the Samsung P310 revealed

Details of the Samsung P310 revealed

We haven't seen an official announcement about the Samsung P310 from Samsung yet, but images and specifications of the slim handset have already made their way to a few blogs. The P310 is touted as an upgrade to the calculator-like SGH-P300, which we reviewed about four months ago. While the P310 appears to maintain the same tiny credit card-size form factor, it no longer has the calculator-style buttons of its predecessor, making it look more like an actual cell phone. Also, it will apparently feature a 2-megapixel camera, a Micro SD card slot, a music player, Bluetooth 2.0, and even a cool-looking OLED 256,000-color TFT display. No word on pricing or availability of course, but we're guessing you'll have to buy this phone unlocked if you're in the States. We'll let you know more about the P310 if and when we get our hands on it.

Source: Slashphone and Electroplankton via Gizmodo