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Details emerge about Alphabet's upcoming health watch

The smartwatch is packed with more sensors than the Apple Watch and Fitbit trackers.


Verily, Alphabet's medical business, previously showed off smart contact lenses.

Screenshot by César Salza/CNET

Verily Life Sciences, a division of Alphabet (the parent company of Google), is making a health watch and has reportedly already built "more than hundreds" of working prototypes.

The Verily watch, according to MIT Technology Review, will be equipped with a circular e-ink display, which is the same technology used on Pebble smartwatches and Amazon's Kindle e-readers. This will help give the watch longer battery life and won't require daily charging.

The health watch is described as a "cardiac and activity monitor." It includes both an accelerometer and gyroscope to measure movement, which are the same sensors used in the Apple Watch and Fitbit trackers. The outer ring of the watch can be used to measure a person's electrocardiogram, while an optical heart rate sensor resides on the back. Other sensors on the back may also be used to measure galvanic skin response, which is used to monitor stress levels.

Unlike the Apple Watch and Fitbit trackers, the Verily watch isn't designed as a consumer device. Instead, the company is said to positioning it for medical research studies to track individuals on a large scale.

Pricing and release information on the watch hasn't been announced.