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Details about Nvidia's next 3D card sneak out

Details about Nvidia's next 3D card sneak out

Tech blog Gizmodo posted a link this afternoon to a story from enthusiast site Daily Tech that gives an unsanctioned preview of Nvidia's forthcoming GeForce 7950 GX2 graphics card. The post talks about dates, speeds, and feeds and also shows an image of the card, as well as the performance estimate slide from Nvidia's press presentation. CNET Reviews, as well as many other Web sites, agreed to Nvidia's nondisclosure agreement (it's how we get products ahead of time to review), so we can't provide any new information or benchmarks until the day the embargo lifts. We can't exactly pretend that the word didn't get out, though, so if you're into vendor-generated performance numbers, Daily Tech will show you the way. Check back at CNET soon for the full story.