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Destruction and chaos reign in real-life Grand Theft Auto

Ever wondered what it'd look like if Grand Theft Auto was real? This video shows what it'd look like if there really was a guy going around wreaking havoc in Los Santos.

Welcome to Los Santos. In a new video from YouTube filmmaking studio CorridorDigital, we see the hyper-violent world of Grand Theft Auto come to life in the very real city Los Angeles, which served as inspiration for the fictional city in the action adventure game.

The clip, which posted Monday, was shot with a GoPro camera that follows the main character around as he wreaks havoc on the town, takes out a couple of targets who are either dummies or born from CGI and steals a few cars.

It's pretty crazy how great a job CorridorDigital does with the clip, nailing everything from the main character's swagger to the piles of cash that shoot out of a body as a person falls to the ground. The whole thing was shot in some of the same Los Angeles locales that feature prominently in Grand Theft Auto 5 . The latest installment in the Grand Theft Auto franchise was released on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2013, followed by the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2014 and PCs in 2015.

Check out the clip in its entirety above, and for even more detail as to how the crew produced the video, watch the behind-the-scenes video below.